Finding a Christian community is extremely important. Every Christian will long to be in presence of other believers. There is no community in the world like the fellowship one has with one another. Every person is different; we have different personalities and we're wired differently. But God wants all of us to be in an environment for growth. Our conviction at LSCC is that if you visit and don't feel comfortable in our body, you must plug in somewhere else, and we're willing to help.


Tips for Getting Plugged In


1)  DON'T GO CHURCH SHOPPING:  The question is not about whether you like this style of music, this style of sermon, or this style of dress.  This is not shopping.  We can and should be able to worship with many different flavors.  The young Christian can choose a church that way but a mature Christian asks a)  what God may want me to do with this body here, b) how God might want me to serve here, and c) what God might want to do in me here.

2)  DISCERN & SEEK SOUND TEACHING:  Make sure the teachers are preaching in context, from the Bible, and focused on God's Kingdom and not some agenda.  Always ask for a statement of faith.  This will help with discerning what is and is not important.

3)  DECIDE ON COMMUNITY:  This is the determining factor for plugging in and establishing a spiritual home.  You must find a group of people you can SERVE, MINISTER, and GROW with.  It's not a matter of hanging out.  Hanging out is not fellowship.   This will take time and effort.  You should never be a newcomer that waits for people to approach OR tests how the church is doing.  You should love and see if this is the group God wants you to "run with."

Here are some churches and spiritual communities you can plug into in the South Bay, Peninsula, and East Bay Area.  We encourage you to worship each Sunday and join one of the community, fellowship, or small/home groups.

East Bay

South Bay

Larger Churches